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Corporate Office:  815 South Ash  •  Nevada, Missouri 64772  • Office: 417-667-8352  • FAX:  417-667-9216
AMP Application -  Step 1
Thank you for joining AMP.

This is the first of a two step process.  After you enter and complete the directory information below, you will be directed to our secure Paypal page for the second step. There you will enter your payment information. AMP uses this two step procedure to safeguard your financial data.  NOTE:  If you do not want to use PayPal to Apply/Renew online please mail your check to AMP % Dr. Morris, CMHC, Inc. 815 South Ash, Nevada, MO 64772

If you are renewing your AMP membership, please be sure to select "AMP Renewing Member" from the below list.

The initial year of dues includes the application fees and are as follows:

Membership Level Initial Year Annual Renewal
Fellow    $150 $85
Member  $85 $85
Student Member $50 $25

For those individuals who are NAPPP members, NAPPP will contribute $25
towards your annual dues

Please fill out the following form to apply.

Today's Date: Name:

What status should we list you in our directory?

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Work Email Address:
Area Code:    Telephone:

I am a :

Do You Have Any Training in Psychopharmacology?  

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I am a NAPPP Member: 

By submitting this application for membership you agree that the
information that you supplied above is true and correct.


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